Training and capacity building

EITI capacity building activities make use of the extensive knowledge and experience of implementing country representatives by encouraging peer learning and exchanges.

Participants came from multi-stakeholder groups, national secretariats, government, civil society, industry, parliament, stated-owned enterprises and national audit institutions. These stakeholders benefitted from lessons learnt in other countries, and from an increasing body of information and documentation on a wide range of practices. During all of the workshops, there was discussion about how workplans can be a powerful tool to link the EITI to countries’ national priorities, going well beyond simply complying with the EITI Requirements.

Sharing experiences with other EITI countries, discussing common challenges with our peers, helps us feel part of a global community and get a better understanding of what the EITI Standard is really about.

Mahmood Anwari, Afghanistan National Coordinator


Besides the exchange of always rewarding experiences, this workshop was an opportunity for participants to discuss the strategic vision of the EITI to strengthen its impact.

Agnès Solange Ondigui Owona, Cameroon EITI National Coordinator


Through this training we realized how we could work together with the government to increase the efficiency of the public processes.

Casimiro Pixcar, CSO representative to the Guatemala MSG


Having face-to-face discussion lends more value than reading guidance notes.

Participant from Anglophone and Lusophone African EITI Training 2015