Committees (2013- February 2016)

1. The Audit Committee is required to discharge the audit function of the international management of the EITI. The Committee reviews the audited accounts with the EITI’s auditor once a year by telephone and presents the audited accounts to the Board.

Countries: Didier Vincent Kokou Agbemadon Companies/Investors: Dominic Emery (Chair of the Committee)
Civil society: Gubad Ibadoghlu

2. The Finance Committee oversees nancial operations of the International Secretariat and advises the EITI Board on strategic issues relating to the nancing of the EITI International Management (Board and Secretariat). The Finance Committee also reviews the funding principles adopted by the Board and meets once a year with the Governance Committee to appraise the EITI Workplan.

Countries: Marine de Carne de Trécesson Companies/Investors: David Diamond (Chair of the Committee)
Civil society: Ali Idrissa and Natalya Yantsen
Observers: Alan McLean, Anwar Ravat and Dylan Gelard

3. The Governance Committee, on behalf of the EITI Board, addresses issues relating to the governance of the EITI, including voting procedures. The Committee has been inclined not to deal with implementation aspects of EITI rules. In 2015, the Committee undertook a full review of the international governance and oversight of the EITI.

Countries: Michel Okoko, Nico Van Dijck and Marine de Carne De Trécesson
Companies/Investors: Alan McLean (Chair of the Committee), Carine Smith Ihenacho and Ian Wood
Civil society: Natalya Yantsen and Marinke van Riet Observers: Manuel Adamini, David Diamond, Siri Farstad and Inmaculada Montero-Luque

4. The Implementation Committee oversees progress with implementation of the EITI Standard, including reviewing Implementation Progress Reports, EITI Reports, and the impact of the EITI.

Clare Short (Chair, EITI Board)
Countries: Abdoul Aziz Askia, Gbehzohngar M. Findley, Shahmar Movsumov and Mary Warlick Companies/Investors: Manuel Adamini, Laurel Green and Stuart Brooks
Civil society: Jean Claude Katende, Daniel Kaufmann and Faith Nwadishi
Observers: Paolo de Sa

5. The Nominations Committee has overseen the process to nominate an EITI Chair to the EITI Members’ Meeting 2016.

Countries: Marine de Carne, Gbehzohngar M. Findley, Alfredo Pires and Mary Warlick Companies/Investors: Stuart Brooks (Chair of the Committee) and Laurel Green

Civil society: Faith Nwadishi and Marinke van Riet

6. The Outreach and Candidature Committee oversees the EITI Candidature application process. The Committee also serves as a focal point for the outreach of EITI stakeholders to new countries, ensuring that the EITI Board is informed on outreach activities and providing direction or support to these activities where necessary.

Countries: Didier Vincent Kokou Agbemadon and Mary Warlick
Companies/Investors: Guillermo Garcia and Manuel Adamini

Civil society: Marinke van Riet (Chair of the Committee) and Fabby Tumiwa
Observers: Monica Rubiolo and Thomas Benninger

7. The Rapid Response Committee addresses urgent issues related to in-country implementation of the EITI
on behalf of the EITI Board. Meetings of this Committee can be at times time-consuming, short-noticed and unpredictable. Between 2013 and 2015 a number of meetings were held to discuss the cases of Azerbaijan, Central African Republic, Guinea, Niger and Ukraine.

Countries: Michel Okoko
Companies/Investors: Jean-François Lassalle and Ian Wood Civil society: Ali Idrissa and Daniel Kaufmann

8. The Validation Committee plays a key role in safeguarding the quality and consistency of EITI Validation. In all decisions on Validation, the Board places priority on the need for comparable treatment between countries and the need to protect the integrity of the EITI brand.

Countries: Abdoul Aziz Askia, Bazarbai Nurabaev and Mark Pearson (Chair of the Committee) Companies/Investors: David Diamond and Jim Miller Civil society: Gubad Bayramov, Matthew Bliss and Brendan O’Donnell