Production: Zambia

Zambia’s 2012 EITI Report documented lack of monitoring of production data declared by the companies.

According to the EITI Report, the production data provided by Ministry of Mines was based on self-declarations submitted by the extractive companies. The Ministry did not have its own procedures and systems to collect and control production data reported by mining companies. The production data disclosed by the Mines Development Department for the large scale mining sector in 2012 was based only on copper concentrates and/or total cathodes produced. As a result, it was not possible to provide explanations with regards to the discrepancies arising between the production quantities provided by the mining companies and those declared by the Mines Development Department.

The 2012 EITI Report recommended that the Ministry of Mines develops procedures and systems to collect and control production data. It also suggests to compare the production volumes declared extractive companies with the measurements made by Ministry of Mines throughout the year.

The government and Zambia´s multi-stakeholder group have not yet considered this recommendation.