Exploration: Albania

Albania’s 2013-14 EITI Report revealed outdated information on oil and mineral reserves.

The EITI Report found that the Government of Albania has not undertaken studies of the oil and mining geological reserves in the last 25 years. Geological studies and maps from the 1980s and 1990s exist but are not publicly available. Also, the report noted that the accuracy of this data is limited due to advancing exploration and extraction technologies as well as lack of official and accurate data on production extracted throughout the country since the date of the latest geological studies.

For example, the report showed that according to government data, the outstanding recoverable reserves at the Patos-Marinza oil field were estimated at 5.7 million tons of crude oil, while Bankers Petroleum, which operates the oil field, reported much larger reserves, amounting to 18.5 million tons.

The 2012-13 EITI Report acknowledges that assessing national reserves requires many years and would place a heavy cost burden on the State. However, the report nevertheless recommends that the Ministry of Energy and Industry considers assessing reserves in areas with significant extractive interests. More coherent information on proven and probable reserves combined with tighter control over current exploration and extraction activities could ensure more efficient production and fiscal planning.

The report was released in December 2015. The government and Albania´s multi-stakeholder group have not yet had the opportunity to consider how to act on this recommendation.