Message from the Head of the EITI International Secretariat

Jonas Moberg

Since the last Progress Report, EITI implementation has come a long way. Across the world in the 49 implementing countries over 400 people work full time on the EITI and 1200 serve on EITI national commissions.

These people are the core of a growing movement which is increasingly knowledgeable about how to make transparency meaningful. At the Secretariat, our foremost job is to support this movement in serving their communities.

When I look at the information generated in the reports published in 2015, I am more confident than ever of the EITI’s value in improving the governance of the sector. Conversations in implementing countries are now less about events and technical processes, and more about what the EITI reveals about improving the extractive sector and making suggestions about policy.

These conversations increasingly relate to beneficial ownership, contract transparency, opening up commodity trading and artisanal and small scale mining. These issues could not have been foreseen under the EITI five years ago and are reflected in this Progress Report.

The EITI Board and its committees have done much to monitor progress in implementing countries, refine the EITI Standard, develop a new Validation process, and nominate a new Chair. Much of this was gruelling and took tough negotiation.

We must continue to foster the energy and commitment of all EITI stakeholders – especially those in implementing countries - to make better use of transparency and to make the EITI more effective and integrated into government systems.

From the office in Oslo, I wish to thank the EITI Board for its tremendous efforts during the past three years and to welcome the new Board members who will continue the legacy. I express my gratitude in particular to the EITI’s outgoing chair, Clare Short, whose energy and vision have carried the EITI through its adolescence. Finally, I wish to extend a thank you to all of our stakeholders, whose input  has strengthened the EITI’s impact and made its processes dynamic.


Jonas Moberg

Head of the EITI International Secretariat



EITI Board 2013-2016 

Sydney, May 2013