Key events in 2015-2016

Timeline 2015/2016

These are the key events of 2015 and beginning of 2016.

January 2015   

Trinidad and Tobago EITI compliant

“The EITI process has provided an independent review of government revenue collection systems which will allow us to better monitor revenues from the sector.”

Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Energy

March 2015

Sharing experiences on beneficial ownership 

13 countries met in London to discuss how to reduce corporate secrecy by publishing who owns and controls extractive companies.

April 2015

EITI week in the Congos

Brazzaville hosted the 29th EITI Board meeting. Stakeholders gathered in Kinshasa for the rst regional discussion on EITI and artisanal and small scale mining.

June 2015

EITI third regional conference in the Americas

Stakeholders from the region came together and concluded that the EITI could build trust and enable dialogue at all levels.

September 2015

Tanzania enacted an EITI law

This legislation requires extractive companies to disclose their bene cial owners.

October 2015

Malawi becomes the 49th implementing country

Plans to produce a checklist to ensure that agencies awarding licenses and contracts perform due diligence of investors.

EITI dialogue on commodity trading

Stakeholders met in Switzerland and agreed to establish a working group to consider ways to take transparency in commodity trading forward.

Senegal improves government reporting

“The first report is part of the normal order of things. It simply corrects a flaw in the government reporting system.”

HE Abdullah Mahammed Boun Dionne, Prime Minister of Senegal 

December 2015

“This is the public's money. To have a process that is very transparent and open with how that money comes in and how it ́s dispersed is critical to all of us.” 

Greg Gould, Director, United States Of ce of Natural Resource Revenue

Ukraine moving towards greater transparency

"The EITI Report opens a way to a greater transparency where all players have to work in transparent and uni es rules." 

Volodymyr Demchyshyn, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry

Myanmar strengthens its democratic process

"This EITI Report is a driving force for strengthening democratic process and building trust among stakeholders." 

HE Dr Maung Maung Thein, Union Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance

January 2016

Colombia embeds transparency

“EITI ensures that transparency and accountability are embedded in the way we manage our extractive industries. The rst EITI Report, accounting for USD 18bn of government income, is a step forward.” 

Maria Isabel Ulloa, Deputy Ministry of Mining 

February 2016

The 2016 EITI Global Conference will take place on 24-25 February in Lima, Peru