building trust through transparency in mine affected regions

In 2015, the regions of Piura and Moquegua piloted EITI implementation. Both regions formed multi- stakeholder groups and commissioned, together with Peru EITI, pilot EITI Reports. These reports feature reconciled transfers from the central government to regions and municipalities and, more crucial to building trust, disclosed information on how these subnational governments have used extractive revenues. The two reports also contained historical data on revenue and expenditures dating back to 2007.

The EITI Reports highlighted that, only about 15% of revenues from the mining and hydrocarbon sector has been used for developmental spending, such as infrastructure or economic diversification. The rest has been spent on current expenditures such as salaries and servicing debts. Local citizens are using this information to engage with their regional authorities on alternative ways to spend these resources.

EITI Piura has opened doors for us to engage in truly informed dialogue with our regional government on the use of the money received from our hydrocarbons.

Francisco Córdova Sánchez, CSO activist in Piura