License registers: Peru

Peru’s 2008-2010 EITI Report found inconsistencies in government records of license owners and the respective annual license payments.

Peru’s mining license office – Instituto Geológico Minero y Metalúrgico (INGEMMET) – and the General Directorate of Mining (DGM-MINEM) are different entities within the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines. While INGEMMET is responsible for the cadaster system and for processing license allocations, DGM-MINEM is in charge of collecting the annual license fees paid by license holders. Inconsistencies in the records held by the two entities showed that some companies that were not registered as license holders still made annual license payments. Peru´s 2008-10 EITI Report found that INGEMMET did not monitor the name of the license holders as indicated by the mining claims. This means that some companies may be prospecting and/or operating under licenses that INGEMMET may not recognise, or that have not been reflected accurately in the cadaster system.

The 2008-2010 EITI Report recommended that INGEMMET improve their routines for monitoring licensing data and fees in order to ensure that government records on licenses and the annual license payments are consistent and accurate.

The government and the MSG has not yet considered this recommendation.